How to run your law firm from India (with a four month-old)


We were proud to host this event for the Colorado & Denver Bar Associations. MCLE was available for Colorado attorneys only using event ID DBA028. 

Attendance Affidavit (Denver Bar Association)

Build your life, not just your law firm. An attorney and founder of an immigration law firm in Washington, Greg McLawsen has found a way to combine his love of travel with his professional life. Join Greg as he offers his top tips on how to work virtually from anywhere in the world, even with an infant in tow.

Slides for the talk.

Slides for the event are linked below. This talk was originally given in Chicago for Clio's Cloud Con 2016. Slides may be slightly modified prior to the event.

How to run your law firm from india (with your 4 month-old)


Greg McLawsen

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Video of the live webinar.